Simple Ways To Help Prevent Animal Extinction

Animal extinction is something that we do not want to happen because it is just sad to see a particular species being wiped out from the face of the earth. But what is even sadder is that some people do not care about these things and just care about getting gain. Usually, the cause of extinction is the demand of animal and other natural products in the market. That is why there are lots of African animals going extinct today because this is where you can find a vast expanse of wildlife. We do not know the different purposes of humans in using these products but what we know is that it cost big money and this is the reason why there are lots of poachers and hunters out there. But if we all work together we can stop this and here are some simple ways on how to prevent animal extinction.

005 african animals

First and foremost, do not buy those animal products coming from endangered animals. For example, products from African animals like elephant tusks, rhinoceros horns, tiger claws, and shark teeth are those products which should not be out in the market. The method in getting these products is very brutal and they only get the parts while the animal is left dead. If you try to think of it, these parts do not grow back so you could just imagine how many animals they are going to kill if they want to get more of these animal products. Second, do not buy products that are animal tested. Animal testing is a form of cruelty which also causes lots of animal deaths. Third, you can also discourage people who are engaging in hunting sports. Although this is a legal sport and there are limitations, you cannot totally control all people who do it. There are still some who would go beyond the limits and hunt endangered animals. Lastly, try to support organizations that aim in conserving and protecting wildlife. You can join them in their programs and activities like clean-ups and helping in animal shelters.


Indeed, conserving wildlife is very important because once these species get extinct there is now way of getting them back. In addition to that, we are the only ones who can protect them. So next time, whenever you have the chance to do your part of protecting wildlife, do it. Even if these are small things, if everybody does it, it means a lot.

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